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Transforming Attention is the attention that helps practitioners and leaders move organisation while also transforming their attention in the process. In our work (personal) leadership, organisational development and change meet and deepen each other transforming all three. 


what we offer

Transforming attention allows us to notice: what is, patterns in ourselves and our organisation, our dreams and hopes, our fears and losses, what works and what doesn't. It allows us to learn and transform. It is simple and not always easy and mostly lighter and more meaningful than many other approaches... 

Transforming Attention

We support you to lead change in your organisation. We believe in co creation and will focus your attention on the patterns that have gotten you to where you are now. 


This allows us to choose together which intervention will most serve your need, and purpose. 


We work step for step, continually paying attention to what is needed now. Learning and changing in the directions you have set as we go.  


practitioner development

We believe in building change capacity inside organisations. We do this by developing internal practitioners who can develop and transform their organisation from the inside out. 


We have seen that internal practitioners, are able to recognise, reveal and shift patterns in their organisation in a way that is hard for those of us who work outside of it.  

We offer in-house development of practitioners, suited to your needs and situation as well as open registration programmes.

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We offer coaching for leaders who want to develop themselves and their organisations. 

just as we pay attention to the person when we work with organisations we always pay attention to the system leaders work in.

In the past few years several women found their way to our coaching. Based on our own experience as women in leadership and the questions of our coachees we have developped the circles programme.

Who we are

We are independent consultants who found each other in the way we work together. We bring experience in large corporations, small businesses, health care and education. We designed and delivered leadership programmes, led and facilitated large and small change projects, revealed stuck patterns, developed internal teams and practitioners and sometimes coached individual leaders. 

We know leadership at the top is important, and we have seen that the middle is crucial in creating movement in an organisation. 


We see that change often leads to busyness and we believe that its important to explore the reasons for and effects o that busyness to create transformation. We have seen leaders and practitioners create the most significant shifts when they are able to reveal what is happening in order to address this with the people in their organisation. 

We help you find the wisdom which is already persent, in you, your team and your system and invite you to work with that. We practise our craft  of diagnosis, design, sense making, and facilitation with incision when needed and always with love.



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Sytske Casimir

Anjet van Linge

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