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Practitioner Development

Transforming attention recognises that those who work amid a changing organisation deserve our attention, attention which can literally transform the way the change process is experienced. At the same time attention to the way in which changes are led and what is working and what might still need more work, is critical for a change to actually take place. In fact in 20 years of working in leadership and change we have found that when we act, listen, and are present with attention that can make all the difference. 

In our practitioner development work you will explore how you can facilitate change attentively, you will hone you skills to see your organisation more clearly and to make sense of the systemic patterns at play. To be able to do all this you will start with attention to self. Transforming attention start with transforming how we pay attention to both ourselves and the field around us. We literally believe in the phrase be the change you want to see. 

in our practitioner development we notice patterns in organisations, leadership and change

In the past few years we have found a way to use our change and organisational experience and knowledge to create a development process which feels even softer and smaller than the prorgrammes we have run before, while creating an impact that feels stronger and  longer lasting. In part this is caused by our assumption that you already have much of the knowledge and skills you will need, what we need to offer you is a space where you can uncover what you don't yet know you know. We also offer experiences, practices and reflections which allow you to train yourself in noticing and sensemaking. You will more easily notice, name and explore patterns, seeing yourself as an instrument in this attention work. 

In our practitioner programme you will develop yourself to find the freedom to make a difference in your organisation. You will discover where your strengths meet the needs of the organisation. You will refine your talent to see patterns, to lovingly guide change and to find, take and make your role in an ever changing organisation and context.  

Our practitioner development is intended for anyone who takes a role in their organisation in leading, facilitating or supporting change. It doesn't matter whether you have been tasked to do this or have decided yourself that you want to take a role, or perhaps it just feels as If the change has landed on your shoulders. 


We believe in the power of internal practitioners in transforming organisations. As an internal practitioner you can notice and feel keenly what's happening in your organisation. You know which patterns invite you time and again to get stuck and which  traps are waiting for you down the road. It is because of this and not despite of this, that internal practitioners are ideally placed to make visible what may be hard to grasp for external consultants. We help you translate your experience  of working in your system to reveal the complexity that is present in a way that is helpful.  

We believe you can maken a difference and if you cannot see that yourself yet, we will hold that for you until you can. 

In our practitioner development we invite you to look anew at your organisation. We help you clarify your role, hone your skills and knowledge.  And most of all we support you to explore how your presence and attention can be transforming for your organisation. 

Longing to transform your attention? 

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