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The Herdship podcast

Coaching insights for middle managers who realise their power 



HBR article on middle managers:

In episode 7 I referred to Daniel Pink's book Drive and his ted talk

In episode 7 I mentioned Kathy Sierra's work with horses you can follow her on instagram or her website

The post which inspired episode 8 can be found here:

The book I refer to in Episode 10 is:
Mastery the keys to success and long term fulfilment by George Leonard. 


These podcasts are a follow on from my decision to pay attention to what is   truly important to me, which I made last year. Read:
Being with what is to understand the background

Blogs linked to the energy is contagious podcast:

I have no words

Breathing into our fears

Working with energy










Here is a clip of me playing with energy with a horse that doesn't enjoy moving when on a lead, I have found a way to have her discover her joy in moving and it asks that I work with my own energy.This work also was an inspiration for episode 7 on autonomy.


What can you see as a middle manager:


What purpose do we cohere around


purpose guided meditation - 02:02:2021, Artist Name
00:00 / 06:01

Building Shared Purpose

Discovering Lived Purpose

The practice for contagious energy iis to become aware of the energy you bring to meetings. Once you have practised that you can start to play with your energy and how you infect others.

The invitation for episode 7 is to get clear on what autonomy you would like to have - ideally write it down, or draw it, then look at what you want, how would it be to give that level of autonomy to those who work for you? 
Have the conversation with your reports, what would they want and also what would they willing to give to their reports. Once you have had that conversation you can have the conversation with your manager about your 













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